Can Dogs Eat Chicken Broth With Onions?

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Chicken broth enhances the taste and palatability of your dog’s dry kibble and dogs love it when you add a little to it. You can offer your dog both chicken stock and bone broth if you leave out the onions. Almost all dogs are toxic to onions and consuming them in large quantities can be fatal.

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For centuries human beings have enjoyed chicken broth as a nutrient-rich delicacy. Canine diarrhea can also be treated with this home remedy. When dogs are an upset stomach chicken broth is often prescribed to soothe their digestive systems and to spice up their food for picky eaters. 

There are however some chicken broths that are not suitable for dogs. In its simplest form chicken broth is simply chicken boiled in water but certain spices vegetables and herbs can be added to enhance the taste and health benefits. Nevertheless some of the spices and veggies in this recipe may be harmful to our furry friends.

Can dogs eat chicken broth with onions?

Chicken broth enhances the taste and palatability of your dogs dry kibble and dogs love it when you add a little to it. 

Bone broth contains collagen which is great for bones and joints as well as glycine an amino acid that aids in detoxification and muscle growth. Neither chicken stock nor bone broth contains onions so they’re excellent sources of proteins for your dog. Dogs are toxic to onions and large quantities can be fatal. 

A dog may consume chicken broth with a small number of onions but even this isnot advised since it can have a cumulative effect and eventually cause severe onion poisoning. Donot give your dog onions when its chicken broth. 

Are onions toxic to dogs?

The oxidant n-propyl disulfide in onions causes severe oxidative damage to red blood cells in dogs. An onion eats large amounts of n-propyl disulfide which binds to oxygen molecules in the blood interfering with red blood cell functions. 

If the red blood cells are incapable of transporting oxygen the dogs body will mistakenly perceive them as invaders and destroy them. The destruction of red blood cells faster than they can be produced is called hemolytic anemia and can be fatal. 

If your dog is only eating a small amount of onion at a time he or she should be fine. However over time the toxin builds up in the dogs system and eventually ingesting a tiny amount will cause hemolytic anemia. 

In addition to the size of the dog onion toxicity will also depend on the amount of onion consumed. For instance a 3-pound Chihuahua may suffer severe symptoms of onion poisoning after eating a small amount of onion while a 180-pound Saint Bernard will eat the same amount and have no problem at all. 

Onions of any kind will have this effect on dogs; raw onions cooked onions fried onion rings onion juice onion powder. Due to the presence of onion powder in baby food dogs have been known to suffer severe symptoms of onion poisoning. 

How much chicken broth with onions should you feed your dog?

Any amount of chicken broth with onions is not recommended for dogs because even if very small amounts may initially be harmless the toxin accumulates in the dogs body and will eventually manifest itself. Because of this you should avoid giving your dog any chicken broth that contains onions or garlic. 

Make sure your dogs chicken broth does not contain onions or any other spices that could harm it. You should always use plain chicken or bone broth. 

Commercial chicken broth can also be harmful to your dog since it usually contains onions garlic and other spices. While the spices may be in small amounts the toxin will slowly cause anemia in dogs even if they are ingested in small quantities. 

Should dogs be fed chicken broth made with store-bought cubes?

It is safe for dogs to add chicken stock made with store-bought bouillon cubes which adds an appetizing meaty flavor they enjoy. 

It is possible to use either beef or chicken bouillon cubes to add some flavor to your dogs meal; you can also use it to spice up your dogs treat recipe to make them more appealing to your canine companion. 

You can also use bouillon powder chicken or beef bouillon cubes or canned bouillon liquid but remember that some of these may contain onions and can be salty. 

In order to avoid any negative consequences they should be used very carefully and in moderation. Also available are canned chicken broth and bone broth made specifically for dogs that contain none of the ingredients that may be harmful to them. 

Why is homemade chicken broth better?

A homemade chicken broth is better than store-bought because it allows you to customize the recipe to suit your dogs needs. With homemade chicken broth you can use real chicken and healthy vegetables like carrots green beans celery etc. while avoiding unhealthy ingredients like onions garlic and MSG. 

Fresh boneless chicken breast and some vegetables are all you need to make homemade chicken broth as well. Store-bought chicken broth and bone broth are made specifically for dogs and they are safe for them. 

Although they may still contain high levels of salt and preservatives which are absent from homemade chicken broth. Whenever possible make your own chicken broth but if you must use store-bought broth select organic and non-GMO options.

What is a tasty dog-safe recipe for chicken broth?

Chicken broth and bone broth can be made at home quite easily for your dog. Making a tasty and healthy chicken broth for your dog is easy with only a few ingredients and would not take a lot of your time.

There are only a few ingredients you need for this recipe; 

  • Bones from a variety of animals or a whole chicken 
  • with five to six liters of water
  • with one cup of apple cider vinegar 
  • and a cup of healthy vegetables (optional)

Instructions for cooking

  1. The whole chicken (or animal bones) should be placed in a large crockpot with plenty of water to completely cover it. 
  2. Three to four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar should be added. In order to facilitate the extraction of essential vitamins and minerals from bones this part of the process is crucial.
  3. Cook the crockpot on high for at least an hour then turn it down to low and let it simmer for 12 to 24 hours. 
  4. When the meat or bones are ready remove them from the liquid and turn off the pot. Strain or sieve them as needed. If you do not want to discard the chicken meat you can cut it into small pieces and include them in your dogs meal
  5. After the liquid has cooled. When it cools a solid layer of fat will form on the top layer. Scoop the fat out and dispose of it. At this point your broth is ready for your pet. 
  6. You can store the broth in the refrigerator for a few days or in the freezer for up to a month. 
  7. For your dogs normal food you can add some broth to make it more delicious. Alternatively you can serve just the broth with plenty of healthy vegetables such as carrots green beans celery broccoli etc.

What is the most suitable broth for dogs?

It is possible to make bone broth from chicken beef or pork bones. However none of them is the best for dogs. Most often the best bone broth is made by combining all three along with small meaty cuts to add more flavor and nutrients. 

Oxtails neck bones ham bones turkey bones chicken feet marrow bones etc. should be included in the mixture of bones. Utilize only organic bones and only grass-fed beef bones because they generally contain more nutrients. 

Is garlic safer than onion?

Despite being members of the allium family onions and garlic have similar effects on dogs due to their thiosulfate content which is toxic to dogs. There are many similarities between onion and garlic toxicity. 

As with onions garlics effect isnot immediate unless the dog consumes large amounts at once. Garlic and onions however contain toxins that can accumulate in the dogs system when consumed in small amounts. Garlic toxicity is characterized by stomach pain vomiting diarrhea and appetite loss. 


Dogs benefit greatly from chicken broth which is a great source of nutrients. Bone broth is rich in collagen and amino acids which promote bone health and help cleanse the liver and kidneys. Chicken broth containing onions or garlic however should not be given to dogs because they contain a chemical compound (n-propyl disulfide) that can trigger hemolytic anemia in dogs. 

Homemade bone broth is much safer and healthier for dogs because you can control what goes into the pot and exclude potential poisons and unhealthy ingredients plus its relatively easy to make. However if you do not have the time to make it you can opt for store-bought bone broth that is specially formulated for dogs. 

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