Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

In moderation dogs can consume Brussels sprouts. Nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your dog’s health are found in them. If your dog already eats high-quality dog food then it is probably getting the nutrients it needs without eating Brussels sprouts.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprouts?“.

Whether people like Brussel sprouts or not is a topic of debate. If you absolutely love them you might have wondered “Can dogs eat Brussel sprouts?”

If your dog is staring at you just waiting for a bite it is only natural to want to share your food. Would you mind sharing your sprouts?

The answer to your question and much more awaits you. I will teach you exactly how to share some Brussel sprouts with your dog!

Can Dogs Eat Brussels Sprouts?

In moderation dogs can consume Brussels sprouts. Nutrients and vitamins that are essential for your dogs health are found in them.

If your dog already eats high-quality dog food then it is probably getting the nutrients it needs without eating Brussel sprouts.

The addition of Brussel sprouts to homemade dog food would be a good idea.

What Are Some Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts for Dogs?

You may be surprised to learn that Brussel sprouts have a lot of nutritional benefits not only for your dog but also for you.

In this section we will discuss specific nutrients and vitamins that your dog will receive from eating Brussels sprouts.


There is a lot of fiber in Brussels sprouts. Both humans and dogs need fiber since it will help keep your gut healthy as well as move things along when it comes to bowel movements.

Fiber can have a downside and it may result in diarrhea and a lot of gas in your dog.

This is probably just a lot of gas for your dog.


Brussel sprouts contain a number of vitamins including vitamins A K C E and B.

Vitamin K is vital for building strong healthy bones as well as assisting the body with clotting blood.

Vitamin A Vitamin A is essential for your dogs coat to stay healthy. Besides promoting healthy muscle growth it also aids your dogs brain function. Humans and dogs need this vitamin to function properly.

Vitamin C Vitamin C is very important for your dog because it can boost his immune system and help protect his body from cell damage which helps him fight off cancer.

Vitamin E protects your dogs cells against free radicals which can cause damage to them.

Vitamin B1 Also known as thiamine this vitamin keeps your brain nervous system and organs functioning at their best. Even carbohydrates which are important for dogs and humans will be converted into energy.

Vitamin B6 is another one of the vitamins that give energy to your dog. You will also keep your blood sugar in check which is crucial if you or your dog have diabetes.


Another key thing that your dogs body requires for good health is antioxidants. Antioxidants fight diseases like cancer free radical damage and cell damage. A lot of antioxidants can be found in Brussels sprouts.

The following are some of the benefits antioxidants provide:

  • Reduce body inflammation
  • Fights off illnesses
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Eliminates free radicals

Can Dogs Eat Cooked or Steamed Brussel Sprouts?

The raw form of Brussels sprouts is not very popular as they are hard to eat. Adding a small amount of time to the cooking process will make the vegetables softer to eat without losing all their nutritional value. Below are some simple ways to prepare Brussel sprouts:


This is such an easy way to cook Brussel sprouts. The only downside of this method is that it is quite a time-consuming unlike the other methods which only take a few minutes.

The Brussels sprouts should be prepared by cutting the stems off and halving them before cooking. Using a small amount of olive oil spread out on a baking sheet. You should not use more than a teaspoon of olive oil as it can be unhealthy if you use too much.

As dogs cannot eat seasonings you must keep the Brussels plain without salt pepper onion or garlic powder. I suggest you make your own separate pan if you want to add seasonings or other flavors to your Brussel sprouts.

The sprouts can either be roasted on a baking sheet at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes or at a higher setting such as 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes. The choice is yours.


Brussel sprouts can also be cooked by simply boiling them in water almost as if you were boiling spaghetti except do not salt the water.

Adding the sprouts to the boiling water once it has reached a boil will take 4-5 minutes. It will make the sprouts soft without becoming mushy. The Brussels lose all their wonderful nutrition vitamins and minerals when they’re too mushy.

* Since sprouts become softer the longer they’re cooked you have the option of adding additional time to your liking.


Using the microwave to cook brussels sprouts is another method that will quickly prepare them. There are several methods to choose from.

Preparing your fresh Brussels sprouts is the first step. As soon as they’re prepped you can put them in a microwave dish with some water. Microwave the dish for two to three minutes cover with a paper towel. Discard any water that remains in the dish.

Another method is by purchasing a frozen steamable bag from the grocery store that does not contain any seasonings. The “this side up” side of the bag should be placed in the microwave. Follow the cooking instructions on the back of the bag. If you take the bag out cut a small slit so that you can drain the water before serving.

*Beware of over-steaming Brussels as this is the easiest way to lose valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Brussel Sprouts?

It is okay to give your dog raw Brussels sprouts but it is not recommended. Below are a few reasons why raw Brussels sprouts should not be given to your dog.

  1. It is very hard and fibrous to eat raw Brussels sprouts. Dogs may have difficulty digesting them. It is not a good idea to cause a blockage in your dogs digestive system as that could harm your dog in so many ways.
  2. Also raw Brussels sprouts do not taste very good. The crunchy texture may not even appeal to your dog. Just steaming them for a few minutes may make them tastier for your dog.
  3. Brussels sprouts can make your dog extremely gassy. Even cooked Brussels sprouts can cause your dog to have gas. The raw form of these vegetables will cause your dog to experience more flatulence so if you do not like dog farts avoid them.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Brussel Sprouts?

It is possible to answer this question contradictorily. Yes you can buy frozen Brussels sprouts cook them thoroughly and then share them with your dog. Dogs cannot eat Brussel sprouts that are completely frozen.

A frozen food might be a nice treat on a hot day but Brussel sprouts are already hard so frozen ones will turn into hockey pucks.

Are Brussel Sprouts Toxic to Dogs?

Your dog cannot be poisoned by Brussel sprouts. Moderation is key; do not feed your dog a lot of Brussel sprouts or they might become ill.

You can expect your dog to have diarrhea if it eats too much. There are a lot of insoluble fibers in Brussels sprouts which may cause your dog to go to the bathroom quite often.

As well as humans dogs also experience extreme gas when eating Brussels sprouts. While your dog may not mind having a gas I’m sure you will be sick of smelling your dogs stinky farts.

The chances are that you would not even have to feed your dog human food if your dog is eating dog food each day. If you want to include raw or human foods into your dogs diet Brussels sprouts would be a great vegetable option; just make sure you follow the feeding guidelines.

How Much Brussel Sprouts Can You Feed Your Dog?

You will need to determine the size of the serving based on your dogs height and weight. There is no question that a large dog breed can eat more Brussel sprouts than a small dog breed.

The key to getting the nutritional benefits of Brussel sprouts is moderation and your dog would not need a lot to achieve this.

Toy Miniature or Extra Small Dog Breed (Under 10 Pounds): Half a brussel sprout at most
Small Dog Breed

(Up to 20 Pounds):

One brussel sprout per serving
Medium Dog Breed

(Up to 60 Pounds):

Two Brussel sprouts per serving
Large Dog Breed

(Over 60 Pounds):

Three Brussel sprouts per serving

Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprout Stalks?

The stalks of Brussels sprouts are very fibrous and tough. The stalks are even discouraged from being eaten since they are too thick and difficult to consume.

To make brussels sprouts easier to eat remove the top stalk entirely before cooking them. Follow the directions above for cooking brussels sprouts.

Are Brussel Sprout Stalks Bad for Dogs?

The problem is that they’re unsafe for dogs not that they’re bad for them. Stump stalks are big bulky fibrous and touchable. You might have trouble chewing through these fibers.

When your dog eats the stalks it could become a choking hazard or even cause intestinal blockage.

Consult your veterinarian if you suspect that your dog has eaten the sprout stems and is acting strangely.

Can Dogs Eat Brussel Sprout Leaves?

Leaves from Brussel sprouts are usually discarded and thrown away. Look for them in the produce section of the supermarket. They resemble flat kale leaves or cabbage leaves.

The leaves are rounded and dark green with a light green stem that runs through them. They are collected and sold. They can be steamed sautéed or even topped with other dishes.

The leaves could certainly be eaten by dogs if they are cooked thoroughly and added to their food. Adding chopped cooked leaves to existing dog food will provide your dog with extra vitamins and minerals.

Other Alternatives to Brussel Sprouts

Here are some other foods you can feed your dog that is safe and have great health benefits if you can not get Brussel sprouts:


Aside from being an excellent source of fiber asparagus also contains vitamins such as A B9 C E and K potassium iron and antioxidants.

Your dog cannot eat the bottom part of the asparagus but if you chop off the top and cook it then your dog can enjoy the flavor.


Making homemade dog food with pumpkin is extremely popular. Cooking homemade dog food often involves cooking chicken and rice and adding organic pumpkin puree.

The pumpkin is classified as a fruit and contains fiber iron Vitamin A and zinc. As a result your dog will be consistent with their bathroom habits and things in their GI tract will be firmer.

Various Fruits

There are a lot of fruits that your dog will enjoy. Fruit can be used in place of dog treats as their treat. Obviously not all fruits are safe so knowing which ones are and which ones are not is crucial.

Among the foods that your dog can consume are bananas pineapple strawberries and even apples (except the seeds).

Try giving your dog one of these fruits next time you want to praise or reward him.

Additional feeding information

Dogs may or may not have trouble digesting Brussel sprouts depending on their breed. If you do not know how they will react to the sprout its best to give them 1/2 sprout first.

Make sure to remove the hard nubby stem from the sprouts before cooking. It can be a choking hazard or lodge in your dogs intestine or throat if your pooch accidentally eats the stem.

Add nothing to the sprouts that will upset your dogs stomach such as salt pepper lemon juice butter or oil. It is best to keep the sprouts natural and clean.

Before giving my dogs Brussel sprouts I always steam them. Its not usually more than once a week.

You can preserve the nutritional and antioxidant properties of Brussel sprouts by steaming them. Furthermore your four-legged friends will be able to digest the sprouts more easily.

Be careful not to overcook the Brussels sprouts. The nutrients and benefits are lost when they are overcooked.

In my previous post I mentioned that I was making Brussels sprouts with bacon. This dish was only to be consumed by humans. It is not recommended to feed your dogs bacon due to its saltiness. You should avoid giving your dog bacon.

When serving Brussel sprouts to your pup do not add onions garlic vinegar pepper salt or butter.

Dogs are very sensitive to both onion and garlic. Dogs can develop sodium toxicity from eating too much salt. Dogs with lactose intolerance can also be adversely affected by butter. It is best to keep these items away from your pet. Brussel sprouts taste best when eaten raw and in their natural form.

I do want to let you know that you should avoid boiling the sprouts. Avoid boiling at all costs. Boiling the sprouts removes the healthy nutrients and the cancer-fighting antioxidant properties.


Brussel sprouts can be eaten by dogs now that you know the answer to your question. If you have an abundance of Brussel sprouts that you can not resist sharing with your dog you can rest assured they’re safe as long as you cook them properly and keep them plain.

It is important to remember that moderation is the key and your dog will likely only need one or two to satisfy this impulse.

Tell us if your dog has eaten Brussel sprouts in the comments down below. What did your dog think? What did you experience feeding your dog this delicious sprout? Let us know your thoughts.

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