Can Dogs Drink Carbonated Water?

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Unfortunately dogs should not drink carbonated water. In general dogs can drink a small amount of Carbonated Water but larger quantities can cause stomach problems and bloat. Some dogs feel uncomfortable after drinking carbonated water as it contains more gases than non-carbonated beverages like tap water or well water.

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Drinking carbonated water is popular among many people. Unfortunately your dog may not benefit from it.

Can dogs drink Carbonated Water?

Unfortunately dogs should not drink carbonated water. In general dogs can drink a small amount of Carbonated Water but larger quantities can cause stomach problems and bloat. Some dogs feel uncomfortable after drinking carbonated water as it contains more gases than non-carbonated beverages like tap water or well water. As a result you should limit the amount of carbonated water your dog drinks to no more than one cup per day.

If you give your furry friend carbonated water occasionally in moderation hydrate them with standard flat freshwater most of the time. As long as they are given fresh flat water some people believe that dogs are allowed to drink carbonated water. Carbonated water on the other hand can cause severe and painful bloating as well as upset stomachs in your canine friends. 

If you do give your pooch a little bit of sparkling water from time to time make sure to provide them with plenty of fresh flat water most of the time to avoid health issues. 

Can Dogs Drink Carbonated Water?

Sparkling water should not be given to your canine friends because it may contain additives such as citric acid artificial flavorings and sweeteners. Various additives are toxic to dogs if consumed including acids that can harm your dogs dental health.

Give your dog a small taste of sparkling water to see if he has any adverse reactions if you believe your sparkling water contains no harmful additives. 

It may be a good idea to give your four-legged friends some sparkling water on special occasions and in extreme moderation. You should not keep sparkling water as a staple in their diet. The vast majority of the time your dog should drink average water.

In the event that you notice any adverse effects in your dog after they consume sparkling water contact your veterinarian immediately.

Can Dogs Drink Sparkling Water?

There is no need for dogs to drink sparkling water. If you do not want to feed your dog sparkling water there are plenty of dog-friendly drinks you can prepare at home. Lets take a look at how much water your four-legged friends need each day to stay healthy and hydrated.

How Much Water Does My Dog Need?

Dogs just like humans require plenty of water to function properly and avoid any negative health effects such as dehydration. Every day our furry friends need at least one ounce of water per pound of body weight.

Therefore a twenty-pound dog needs at least 2.5 cups of water each day in order to remain healthy. Your dog may need more water to prevent dehydration depending on how active they are and how hot it is outside.

What Are the Risks of Carbonated Water For Dogs?

It is possible for carbonated water brands to add acids to their drinks to give them flavor and these acids may erode the dogs teeth. Considering that canine dental health is a concern in many breeds its a good idea to be on the lookout for potentially harmful additives. 

The carbonation process makes Carbonated Waters bubbly and gives them their distinctive mouth feel. Carbonated water can cause your dog to have some serious gas problems; if your dog has trouble passing gas after eating dairy products you probably should not give him Carbonated Water.

Additionally the gas in Carbonated Water expands your dogs stomach. Once the gas is released your dog may not feel satisfied and become hungry again. Consumption of Carbonated Water can cause overeating in humans as well since the released gas can cause your stomach to feel empty causing you to feel hungry.

We all know that dogs consume more than they need to so giving them Carbonated Water often could increase their appetite. Overeating will lead to weight gain and weight gain can result in a number of health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Avoid Flavored Waters and Sodas

There are flavorings and additives in flavored carbonated beverages such as colas and sparkling waters that can make your dog very ill. Keep an eye out for Xylitol a sugar substitute that is extremely toxic to dogs and often found in drinks that specify “zero sugar” or “no sugar”.

The Benefits of Sparkling Water for Dogs

Humans have been known to get relief from upset stomachs from carbonated beverages. Even though your dog should avoid any flavored beverages other than water moderately drinking carbonated sparkling water may help them get over a stomachache. If there are any additives in the water be sure to check them before giving them to your dog. Always give it in moderation (see above).

Why is Normal Water The Best Choice For Dogs

Drinking regular amounts of clean water is an important part of hydration for dogs. Drinking tap water may not be safe in all areas of the US as it may contain contaminants parasites and toxins depending on where you live. Filtered water bottles are a healthy way to provide your dog with fresh drinking water while on the go.

Your dogs life as well as all life that we are aware of today depends on drinking water. Like most animals dogs are regulated by water both internally (if they drink cold water) and externally (if they get splashed by water). Dogs regulate their body temperature with their tongues and by sweating through their paws. Drinking water is essential to helping your dog regulate its body temperature. 

Your dogs insides will also be lubricated as he drinks water. Water helps in the digestion process ensuring all the food you feed your canine friend goes smoothly through their system. You may notice that your dog suffers from constipation if he or she does not get enough water. 


You should definitely think twice about giving your dog some carbonated sparkling water with their dinner even though it may seem harmless to you. In most cases dogs cannot tolerate the food and drinks we consume.

Dogs would never be exposed to many of the things we consume daily in the wild so you can use this as a baseline when choosing what food to give your dog. Provide your pet with normal flat water and natural food. 

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