Can A Dog Get Pregnant In Silent Heat?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

In silent heat a dog does not exhibit any signs of a heat cycle making it impossible for a person to detect it. A silent heat can still result in your dog becoming pregnant.

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I did not even think of that! Oh my God! What if I did not know my dog was in silent heat until after she became pregnant? How did I not know about silent heat before?

Donot worry if you’re wondering about this you’re not alone. Lots of dog owners are wondering the same thing. Sometimes it is impossible to tell if your female dog is in heat and even leaving her for just a short time can cause her to get in the way of your family and by the time you discover it it is too late.

It is only possible to prepare yourself for a whole litter of puppies! You did not expect this to happen when you first got that dog you love so lets talk things over and find out how you can prevent it from happening to you.

Understanding the fertility cycle of a female dog

It is not uncommon for pet owners such as you to wait for their dogs to go through one or two heat cycles before spaying them and many veterinarians recommend this approach as well. A small or medium-sized dogs first heat cycle occurs at six months of age whereas some larger breeds of dogs may take as long as a year.

The average female dog has two heat cycles per year but the length discharge amount and hormonal changes differ from dog to dog.

Female dogs are fertile when they bleed

A common misconception is that a dogs heat cycle is the same as a womans menstrual cycle. The two are quite different. Females are not fertile during their periods but dogs are! They basically call out to all the male dogs in town to come and mate with them!

Yes you may see some behavioral changes such as the heart of a dog beating a presto and shivering as it lurks in its mates but the real symptoms are more subtle than that and people do not detect it.

The four stages of a dog’s fertility cycle

First of all the part you are most interested in. The female dogs heat cycle lasts a normal 21 days a very long time for the owner to be careful.

Proestrus stage

The first stage can usually last for 9 days and the most obvious sign is a vulva lump which may be very noticeable. Your dog will come more tender more aggressive – he knows he will do the same but he is not ready for that yet.

Estrus Stage

Takes another 9 days on average and this is a dangerous time because the dog starts releasing eggs to grow and it is natural for him to call any dog ​​that can take care of the problem. However it may not be silent. When he passes the heat silently. You will see a rapid heartbeat trembling and panting – the usual let-me-out geste. The dog is rich all the time!

Diestrus Stage

Means he is no longer hot or rich. The dog will see a gradual exposure to vulva inflammation and will lose interest in male hunters. This period lasts between 60 and 90 days. However this period will include canine pregnancy which lasts about 60 days if someone makes a mistake the first time. However congratulations!

Anestrus Stage

If this was a planned event and you want to breed. Anestrus Stage is also known as the relaxing stage. It takes between 100 and 150 days the time when your dog can look down on men.

However six months pass smoothly and soon the cycle will begin again!

What is silent heat?

As a responsible pet owner who lives in order for a dog to get into the heat you will notice dangerous signs you know typical symptoms such as vulva lumps and sanguine discharge. And you sit and sit for a while however nothing happens. Is there a problem with my canine should I see a warhorse?

No of course as there are certain medical conditions that make a female puppy have an abnormal reproductive cycle but there is also the possibility that it was hot and you did not notice.

In particular quiet heat means that you do not see the vulva lump or the discharge of the report. The removal may actually be easier too and you probably have more side effects to do than look at your canine before. Or it may be that your dog is confident about cleanliness and licks the bark so that you can see nothing. Too bad I know but on the other hand you would not want your dog to wipe itself on your mat would you?

. So the heat is quiet – or better not to be seen – for you. Well do not count your blessings because all the men in your area have had enough presto communication.

Indeed if there are no obvious symptoms your canine is ovulating and ready to conceive. No erase that yearn for the fullness and use pheromones to declare that. The smell of those pheromones that shoot the most is clear communication and then I am like them and I live!

Signs your dog might be in heat

Therefore you do not see any bleeding and you cannot smell the pheromones. What other symptoms are there? Some of the signs you may notice are that your dog is strong

  • Always urinate
  • Raise one of his legs when urinating or when a male dog passes by
  • Also pay attention to the male tykes
  • Come lazily or wake up more
  • Show signs of anxiety
  • Rundown to use the temporary save from the male types (Lets not let this be for you!)

There’s no stopping an unneutered dog!

A careless owner who does not know you I say will notice that the dog does not rest a bit. Anxiety manifests itself in the barking or barking of a dog. Or maybe the canine heartbeats presto and shakes.

What can you do? As the canine looks healthy he will think he wants to get out and open the door to let him run in the yard. Well thats a dangerous mistake my friend to you I mean not this dog. Your canine will probably have a fun time with all the male species around the fence.

When they smell the heat the boys can be really patient and resourceful and often find their way to an infected woman on the other side of the fence.

Tip: If you step outside and catch the tiles in action do not try to get inside. It’s not about you being considerate and individually trying to separate lovers can be really dangerous for them. How are we going to put this? They are in a stable enough condition at the time and sweating separately may be affected by damaging both the reproductive tract of the tykes. Also it may have been too late before.

What to do when you don’t want puppies

However it is like gaining weight enlarging and changing nipples If your dog is pregnant you will notice any symptoms. However if you have reason to believe that a canine can get pregnant and do not want to deal with waste contact your warhorse as soon as possible.

What are your options? There are various ways to withdraw treatment that can be done within the first 30-40 days of pregnancy. The warhorse may shoot or continue to terminate the pregnancy and the procedure may be hospitalized.

There is also the possibility of sexual intercourse in a canine during pregnancy which includes the removal of the uterus and ovaries. It is a stylish choice if you would like it anyway but it also hurts if the pregnant uterus is overgrown with puppies. Abortion at this stage may affect dangerous bleeding.


You need to remember as a pet owner that your female dog usually has two heat cycles at a time. Of course if you do your own tests and know all the temperature symptoms they may be missing. This is what quiet heat means and the important thing is that your dog is really rich at this time! If you notice any unusual sign or change in gestation at the time you think it should be in a very hot position do not let it go in front of you if you do not want puppies!

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Can A Dog Get Pregnant In Silent Heat? (Watch Video)

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