7 Black Short Haired Dog Breeds

In this research you will know the answer to the query “7 Black Short Haired Dog Breeds“.

You and your husband brainstormed last night and you decided that your next dog should have a black coat and short hair.

Theres nothing I love more than a glossy black coat on a dog and I’m talking to you as a Golden Retriever owner!

I am not sure if you are considering buying a puppy or providing a rescue dog with a home but if you are considering rescuing that is awesome.

I’ll tell you why…

As a result of this crazy old world we have what is called the black dog syndrome. 

A dog with a black coat in a rescue center is less likely to be adopted than one with a lighter coat.

This is what kind of stupidity is that? 

Its truly commendable that you are thinking about rescuing a black-haired dog.

Now that I have addressed that thorny issue let me explain the pros and cons of owning a short-haired dog. 

Pros and cons of short-haired dogs

Considering getting a black short-haired dog lets take a look at the advantages first. 

The following five are obvious to me:

  1. There is less mess
  2. Grooming is less frequent
  3. Bathing is easier
  4. Dries faster
  5. There is less odor

Do you have any cons to mention? Does having a short-haired dog have any downsides? 

There are only two that come to mind

  1. Feels cold in colder weather
  2. If the cot is patchy it may need to be kept out of the sun. 

Now let me share with you my list of seven black short-haired dog breeds. 

1. Doberman Pinscher

Short hair is a characteristic of all purebred Dobermans. The hair has a lustrous sheen when it is in good condition.

Black and rust coloration is the predominant coloration of this breed.

Dobermans with solid black coats are quite rare. Other coat colors include fawn or red.

The Doberman breed is named after the man that developed it – Carl Doberman.

In the late nineteenth century he was a tax collector and not surprisingly he felt that he needed some protection from his job.

Dobermans have a reputation as fearsome guard dogs so he created them.

You can see the source of the reputation by looking at the history.

Although they can be big a male can stand 70 cm (28 inches) tall and weigh up to 45 kg (100 lbs) these dogs are extremely loyal.

They can become wonderful family pets with the right training socialization and exercise.

Confidence and alertness will replace their fearsomeness. 

2. Great Dane

The next dog on our list is a Great Dane the biggest dog in the world. 

Males can stand up to 86 cm (nearly 34 inches) tall and weigh up to 90 kg (198 pounds).

In 2016 Freddy a Great Dane measuring 104 cm tall was measured as the largest dog in the world.

There was no black coat on him though!

In addition to Brindle Fawn Blue Harlequin and Mantle Great Danes are available in other colours.

Dogs like these were originally bred to protect country estates and to hunt wild boar but those days are long gone for most of them.

The odds of them chasing down prey are greater than finding them sprawled on a sofa.

These dogs are incredibly gentle and loving despite their great height although you should take care when they are around small children because they may accidentally knock them over. 

3. Curly coated retriever

Retrievers with curly coats look very distinguished. 

They are the tallest of all retrievers and their coat gives them a very unique look with their short (and tight) curls.

The curls cover the ears and tails of the dog as well as much of the rest of the body.

Besides solid black curly-coated retrievers are available in a liver hue as well. Both colors are eye-catching due to their richness and solidity. 

Although they are generally less needy than retrievers they do have the same gentle and affectionate character as other retrievers.

Males can grow up to 69 cm or 27 inches in height and weigh as much as 41 kg or 90 lbs.

These dogs however need lots of exercises including swimming. 

Keeping that in mind is important. 

4. Thai Ridgeback

I recommend starting this video with a video of a black Thai Ridgeback…

Thai Ridgebacks have a black and short-haired coat and are our next breed of dog.

Most people are familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed.

There are many (solid) colors of Thai dogs in addition to black such as red blue and fawn.

The name is derived from a ridge on their back that is formed by the hair growing in the opposite direction from the rest of their coat. 

Dogs with these traits might also have spotted tongues or solid blue tongues. 

Males can reach 59 cm or 23 inches in height and weigh just over 70 pounds (nearly 32 kg).  

These dogs are physically powerful- they look like athletes and true to form the Thai Ridgeback is a magnificent jumper. 

The dogs should be owned by experienced dog “people” due to their characteristics. 

In the wrong hands they can pose a real threat due to their high prey drive and sense of self-sufficiency. 

5. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Let me change tack for a moment if most of the dogs we have discussed thus far are just tall.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are much smaller and grow only 40 cm or 16 inches in height and weigh 38 lbs or just over 17 kgs.

Staffies can come in a variety of colors including black fawn white and blue. 

People and children especially love these dogs. 

According to a survey conducted in the U.K. in 2019  there were 10000 respondents and Staffies were voted the most popular breed. 

Among other dog breeds Staffordshire Bull Terriers were voted “waggiest”. 

There have also been problems with the breeds image. 

During the early 2000s young thugs in the UK used them as a symbol of strength. 

6. Shar Pei

If you are looking for one of the most unique-looking breeds of dogs then you can not go wrong with a Chinese Shar-Pei.

You can not get much shorter hair than Shar- Pei can you? It means “sand skin” in Chinese. 

Several of the photos that you might look at illustrate that. 

Shar Peis do not have the shine and gloss of other breeds in this list. 

The breed is not only unusual due to its loose skin. 

Furthermore they have small triangular ears that fold over and they have a black or blue tongue. 

There are not many black Shar Peis around. 

A sand or fawn-colored dog is far more likely to be spotted. 

Size-wise males can reach a height of 50 cm or 19.6 inches and weigh up to 30 kg or 66 lbs.

Family dogs with a natural suspicion of strangers they’re great family pets. 

7. Labrador Retriever

Finally I will highlight a black shorthaired dog breed- the Labrador Retriever. 

This is currently the dog of choice in America according to the AKC.

They are affectionate and loving and its easy to see why. 

They have very short coats and dense hair. 

Additionally to jet black Labs are available in solid yellow and solid chocolate. 

In males 59 cm (or 23 inches) is the maximum height and 36 kg (or 80 lbs) is the maximum weight. 

Both labs and their eagerness to please are well known for their voracious appetites. 

It is important to strike the right balance between giving them too much food and not enough exercise because they often become overweight.

Playing fetch swimming or tearing through agility courses is plenty of exercises they need and they will eat almost anything. 

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7 Black Short Haired Dog Breeds (Watch Video)

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