9 Black Dogs With Pointy Ears

In this research you will know the answer to the query “9 Black Dogs With Pointy Ears“.

Have you been looking for a new dog to add to your family or to a special friend?

At the moment the only thing you know for sure is that they must be black and have “pointed ears”.

Despite the fact that you might think that it isnot enough I think that it is a great start.

Dogs with black coats look great and as a Golden Retriever owner I can be envious of a coat color that hides dirt better than “cream”!

Are you looking for breeds that have pointed or triangular ears?

X black dogs with pointy ears are on my list of X.

Firstly lets look at the largest specimens.

1. Black German Shepherd

Long coats are characteristic of black German Shepherds. 

Some people think of them as large cuddly teddy bears while others see them as vicious and aggressive.

Dogs bred to work are German Shepherds

While originally bred to herd they have been extensively used by police and the military since the early twentieth century. 

In addition to those dogs who have been mistreated and are scared and aggressive as a result perhaps there are too many German Shepherds whose owners are bored and who become aggressive as a result. 

The dogs in this picture are large. Males who are fully grown can reach 65 cm in height and weigh approximately 35 kg.

You might want to consider a German Shepherd if you want a large black dog with pointy ears you have the time and the patience to train them and you would not be leaving them alone for long periods of time.

2. Dobermann Pinscher

Dogs of the Doberman breed are also known for their aggression and nasty behavior.

Usually they come in black and rust colors but they are also available in just black. 

How about those ears are not they pointy? The ears are so tall that they seem to breathe on their own. 

German Shepherds were bred to herd cattle while Dobermanns were not.

Originally they were bred by a tax collector (Karl Dobermann) who wanted a dog that would serve as a protector. 

Similar to German Shepherds they were quickly adopted by German police and the military. 

The male Doberman stands 70 cm tall and weighs over 40 kilograms making it bigger and heavier than a German Shepherd.

Although you will need to train them a lot you will be rewarded with a dog that will be 100% loyal.

Its not ideal for people with 9 to 5 jobs since they will want to be with you all the time. 

3. Siberian Husky

It is impossible for a Siberian Husky to be all black. 

Huskies are most commonly recognized as silver-grey dogs with white flashes on the chest snout and stomach. 

Thats a great shape for those ears. 

Similarly to German Shepherds they possess floppy ears not the rigid ears of Dobermans!

Their incredibly thick fur (which is made up of two coats) and howling instead of barking make these dogs extremely active.

Owners have taken their dogs on bike rides and I have seen a group of people pulling a “chariot”.

There is also an issue with these dogs being able to scale high fences- even six-foot fences may not be enough.

They will be determined to get under a fence if they can not go over it. All reports indicate that Siberian Huskies are determined diggers. 

In addition these dogs are rarely aggressive towards humans and are great with children. 

Males can stand up to 60 cm tall and weigh as much as 27 kg when fully grown.

4. Chow Chow

The English translation of “Chow Chow” is “puffy lion” although its lion-like appearance is not its most distinctive characteristic.

Chow Chows are known for their blue or purple tongues! I kid you not.

Normally these dogs are red; however there is a solid black version that looks impressive as well.

The triangular ears may be hard to make out because they are surrounded by a “halo” of fur along the top of their head. 

Some people call these dogs the “cleanest” dogs because they are so easy to housetrain have very little odor and groom themselves just like cats!

Additionally they are extremely calm do not exhibit aggression and require very little exercise.

An ideal pet for an owner looking for a black lion that stands about 50 cm tall weighs 30 kg and is just over 50 cm long!

5. Giant Schnauzer

The third breed of dog that has been widely used by the police and military over the past century is the Giant Schnauzer.

Another German breed it was used by farmers for personal protection as well as to herd animals to market.

In addition to its unusual features it has incredibly pointed ears. Other notable features include its beard and docked tail. 

Giant Schnauzers are shaped like K-9 in some of the original Dr. Who episodes! 

The breed is known to be a great family pet but they require a very active family who spends lots of time exercising them and grooming them. 

6. Shiba Inu

The red sesame version of this dog is featured in another research where I list fox-like small dogs.

Additionally Shiba Inus is available in two black varieties- black and tan and black sesame.

Thus there are still quite a few parts of their coat that are not black. 

Shiba Inus have pointed triangular ears- and a fluffy and curly tail as you would expect from an animal that could be mistaken for a fox.

Dogs of this size are medium in size. The height and weight of a fully grown male is 43 cm and just over 10 kg.

Their strong personalities and agility set them apart from other breeds.

Dogs like them make great companions but they require a lot of exercise and attention.

The Shiba Inus are a great choice for someone who is looking for a dog with a coat that has some color as well as black that has beautifully shaped ears and is looking for a lifelong companion. 

7. Schipperke

Schipperkes are a nice midpoint between a large breed like a German shepherd and a small breed like a Chihuahua.

Additionally they have a very unique look to them. 

An adult male Belgian shepherd dog can grow up to 33 cm high and weigh 9 kg so they are medium-sized dogs.

Its head and ears are shaped like those of a German Shepherd- the triangular ears are standing tall. 

Of course much smaller. 

Originally bred to catch vermin these dogs are extremely alert and do not miss a thing.

8. Chihuahua

Do you want a dog with pointed ears? 

Imagine a dog with ears that look as if they belong on an animal twice its size?

Chihuahuas can reach a maximum height of 25 cm and weigh 3 kg making them the worlds smallest breed of dogs at 15 cm and 1.3 kg respectively. 

Chihuahua named after a region in Mexico rolls off the tongue far more smoothly than it rolls off a computer keyboard!

When it comes to colors most dog breeds have very strict standards.

There are only a limited number of colors or combinations that can be used.

The Chihuahua is an exception.

It is possible to combine almost any two elements.

There are solid black dogs as well as dogs with a white band from their chin to their chest.

These dogs would be ideal for owners who are looking for companionship above all else.  

9. Pomeranian

They are slightly larger than Chihuahuas.

The Pomeranians coat is much thicker which is the major difference. 

Pomeranians have much fluffier coats than Chihuahuas which have a smooth and flat coat. 

Chow Chows have luscious manes that hide triangular ears but if you look closely you can still see them. 

A Pomeranian has a very large personality as do many small dogs.

Barking may result from them being very demanding and territorial. 

Activity and interaction are important to them.


I hope you have narrowed your search after looking through my list of 9 black dogs with triangular ears.

Dog breeds you should pay more attention to and those you should not give a second thought to are readily apparent to you. 

The Giant Schnauzer is my personal favorite.

Besides being jet black this dog has angular ears that match its bodys very angular appearance.

Exercise would be great for me but I am not sure I could keep up with all the grooming that its coat requires! 

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9 Black Dogs With Pointy Ears (Watch Video)

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