7 Black Dogs With Curly Tails

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Hello and welcome to my next list. 

I want to highlight nine terrific breeds of black dogs that have curly tails in this article.

They come in quite a variety.

Although all of them are solid black in color their sizes are very different.

The Tibetan Mastiff is the largest dog on my list with a height of 76 cm and a weight of 161 lbs or 73 kg.

On my list the smallest dog is the teeny-tiny Pug which stands 33 cm or 13 inches tall and weighs up to 18 pounds or 8 kilograms.

Moreover the curliness of their tails varies quite a bit…

Lets look at each breed individually and the first is a real heavyweight and one of my favorites.

1. Black Russian Terrier

Breeders of this breed also called BRTs are able to choose between a solid black color and a subtler salt and pepper grey. 

A terrier isnot what it appears to be at all and is more closely related to an Airedale or giant Schnauzer. 

As for the BRTs dense curly coat I can see the influence of the Airedale. 

As for the tail it is thickset and has a distinct curl towards the end just like the rest of the dog.

The tails of some Black Russian Terriers are also docked a practice that is less common nowadays.

During the late 1940s the Russian military bred this breed for guarding and protecting people and property.

A large breed guard dog can reach a height of 72 cm or 28 inches and weigh a whopping 150 lbs or 68 kgs which means they need to be owned by someone skilled in caring for large breeds of dogs. 

In addition they are a lot of work from day one since daily training and socialization is required.

Additionally they require a lot of exercises and will form a strong attachment with one person and follow them around.

Their beards also trap food and create messes similar to other large dogs.

It has a coat that attracts mud leaves and twigs which will then be dropped all over your home. 

However you will get a lifelong friend in return for your hard work.  

2. Tibetan Mastiff

Here is my biggest example of a black dog with a curly tail.

There is a Tibetan Mastiff that stands about 76 cm or 30 inches tall and weighs a massive 161 pounds or 73 kilograms.

In the photos you can see that it is quite a bit heavier than a BRT.

BRTs are thickset Tibetan Mastiffs are gigantic.

Its coat is quite thick and its tail is so curly that it curls over a Tibetan Mastiffs back

The massive head is another striking feature with large floppy ears and a massive snout. 

Tibetan Mastiffs were bred thousands of years ago to guard monasteries and protect the property of nomadic tribes.

Currently most dog breeds are adored as pets or as show dogs. 

Black and tan are also available in this breed as well as various shades of red. 

The Tibetan Mastiff is truly a gentle giant if you can deal with a large food bill a lot of slobber and making sure they do not bump into small children. 

3. Bouvier des Flandres

BRTs are lighter versions of this breed. 

While a BdF stands a few centimeters shorter at 68cm or 26 inches a male adult will only weigh up to 88 pounds (40 kgs) as opposed to 68 kgs for a BRT.

BdFs have a denser curly coat than BRTs but their tails are similar in that they both hang down have a curly end and are bushy and thick. 

Salt and pepper coats and black and brown coats are also available. 

In Germany in the Middle Ages this breed was used to hunt boars and deer. It was then crossed with the Bulldog to create the Boxer dog.

The breed is very calm and accepting of both young children and other pets- if properly handled- despite its size.

4. Chow Chow

Let me introduce you to the Chow Chow if you thought a dogs tail could not get any more bushy or curly. 

The Chow Chow is an ancient breed of dog believed to have originated in Northern China a few thousand years ago.

Chow Chow literally translates to “puffy lion dog” which describes the whole breed perfectly!

Although it is a huge fur ball the thick thick fur around its neck is what draws comparisons to a lion. 

The most common color is red not black.

In addition to black it comes in cream and blue too. 

With a dog of such a distinctive look you would be wrong to assume that it ends there. 

If you exercise one of them enough to get them panting you will see that they have a distinctive blue black or purple tongue. 

You can not make this stuff up. 

5. Afghan Hound

I believe that the Afghan Hound is the dog breed best suited to a supermodels looks and lifestyle.

To keep that beautiful coat it would probably need to be groomed for hours every day.

The tail is thick and has a curl that goes round and round. 

Rather than a dogs tail it looks like a piece of wrought iron on a fancy gate. 

Funny thing is these dogs were bred for survival in harsh conditions in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Originally a coat that would seem appropriate in an advertisement for shampoo was created primarily to keep the dog warm.

Afghan Hounds have bred thousands of years ago to hunt large game-like antelope.

Please do not mistake this breed for one that likes to stand still while it is brushed.

Their turn of speed is amazing. They are real athletes.

A wannabe owner must appreciate how hard it is to run a business. 

Whether or not their coats are destined for the show ring they still deserve lots of attention 

However they do require frequent chances to run and stretch their legs even if they do not need a lot of exercises.

Just in case an antelope appears in the distance the area does need to be large and enclosed.

Their coats are available in a wide range of colors-solid black cream and red being some of the most common examples. 

6. Pug

It will not be necessary to use a large and enclosed area for our next breed the Pug. 

Several of these dogs will be able to meet their exercise needs with rough and tumble indoor play. 

“Multum in parvo” which means a lot in a little is the Pugs motto. 

This is another small breed with an inflated sense of self-importance standing 30 cm (12 inches) tall and weighing less than 18 pounds (8 kgs).

When you were bred to entertain Chinese Emperors what are you supposed to expect?

This breed is available in black apricot and silver colors.  

Dogs have tiny tails that curl over their backs.

A great choice for young families these dogs are very tolerant of children love being fussed and are physically strong enough to handle all the attention. 

7. Shar Pei

If you thought that there can’t be another breed of dog originating from China that looks as quirky as a Chow Chow wait till you meet a Shar-Pei.

Known in English as “sand skin” the first thing you notice about these dogs is their mass of wrinkles.

Michelin Man would have a Shar-Pei as a dog. 

If they were bred for the purpose of guarding a building wouldnot it make more sense to laugh your head off at them instead of breaking in?

Its hard to say.

As for the coat color it can be any solid color other than white but black and fawn are two of the more common varieties. They can stand up to 51 cm (20 inches) and weigh up to 20 kgs (44lbs). 

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7 Black Dogs With Curly Tails (Watch Video)

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