Are Cane Corso Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed a Lot?

correct answerThe Short Answer is:

It is not hypoallergenic to have a Cane Corso as a pet. In spite of being a short-haired dog it produces a lot of dander which can trigger pet allergies. It is not recommended for people with serious allergies to keep a Cane Corso as a pet or stay around them for long periods of time.

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Are Cane Corso Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed a Lot?“.

Is Cane Corsos good for people with allergies? How much do they shed? Discover the answers to these and other Cane Corso questions.

It is possible to breed a dog that is hypoallergenic. The different types of allergies and how they affect the human body can help you understand why some breeds are suitable for people with allergies and why others are not.

An allergy-sensitive persons immune system can be disrupted by certain proteins produced by dogs. Their bodies constantly produce allergies that are found in their hair dander saliva and urine. Apart from the shedding rate of any dog the real and main issue lies with their bodies’ protein content.

Taking a closer look at this breed will give us a better understanding of it.

Are Cane Corso Hypoallergenic? 

Cane Corsos or Italian Mastiffs are excellent guardians that originated in Italy. This breed is one of the bravest and can be very protective of your house or family members. Since Cane Corso puppies are pretty expensive lets find out if they are suitable for allergy sufferers.

It is not hypoallergenic to have a Cane Corso as a pet. In spite of being a short-haired dog it produces a lot of dander which can trigger pet allergies. It is not recommended for people with serious allergies to keep a Cane Corso as a pet or stay around them for long periods of time.

It is possible however that these dogs are OK for people who suffer from seasonal allergies or light allergies. 

Cane Corso dogs have very short fur but they are not hypoallergenic. People with allergies should avoid Cane Corso dogs because they are such affectionate and loyal pets.

Firm and powerful this type of dog is not for the faint of heart. They enjoy getting a lot of exercises and they make excellent hiking and jogging companions. A camping trip deep into the woods can last several days. Because of their keen sense of smell and ability to herd other animals they are quite intelligent but unfortunately they produce a lot of allergens. 

It might be a problem for people with asthma to own Italian Mastiffs both male and female. If you have allergies we suggest you spend some time with puppies before purchasing one. You may be better off owning an Afghan Hound instead of a large breed dog if you are allergic to dogs’ proteins. A Kerry Blue terrier is also a hypoallergenic dog breed which means that they produce fewer allergens than other dog breeds.

Do They Shed a Lot?

Although Cane Corsos have short fur they shed everywhere they go. Fur accumulates on furniture carpets rugs and their own bed. Furniture and couches and chairs of Cane Corso owners must be brushed down with sticky roll tape to remove fur. In addition rugs and blankets should be washed frequently to prevent bad odors. However regular grooming might be able to solve this problem.

Additionally poor nutrition and poor grooming can contribute to extra shedding. Your companions skin should be kept in good shape by feeding it a well-balanced diet containing fatty acids omegas vitamins and minerals. Your breeder or veterinarian can recommend special shampoos and skin care products for these giant guard dogs in addition to dog food.

Why Are Cane Corso Dogs Not Considered to Be Hypoallergenic?

There are two main reasons why Cane Corso dogs are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. Their fur sheds a lot which is the first reason. Even though they have short hair it sheds quickly. It is necessary for owners of this type of dog to remove fur from their furniture every day.

Furthermore Cane Corso dogs produce a lot of dander which makes them not hypoallergenic. Many people are allergic to pet dander and have to avoid certain dogs due to the dander. There is no way to reverse pet dander. A pets dander is produced by the skin or as a compound of their fur.

No changes can be made to it. A dog that produces dander may be reduced in amount by trimming or shaving it. In contrast shaving or trimming their fur away can expose more skin if their skin produces it. Allergies can be exacerbated by this.

Can a Person Who Has Allergies Have a Cane Corso?

Even if you are worried about pet allergies you may really want to get a Cane Corso or you might already have this magnificent breed and have discovered too late that you are allergic to it. There is good news for people with allergies to dogs: they can live together! 

There is no doubt that the way you live with a Corso will differ from that of your neighbor who is highly tolerant of dog dander. To limit allergies around pets you or a family member who constantly sneezes must follow house rules diligently.

What if a Person Has Light Allergies?

A Cane Corso dog should not be around people who suffer from extreme allergies. Are there people who only suffer from seasonal allergies or light allergies? Can they handle having a Cane Corso as a pet? 

Maybe thats the answer. It may not seem like such a concrete answer but living with a Cane Corso depends entirely on a persons allergies. 

In order to have a Cane Corso as a pet if you have allergies you must find someone who has this type of dog and spend time with them. This dog should be able to be petted and lay in your lap for a while.

You would not be able to live with this dog if your allergies act up within a few minutes of playing with him. Because they shed a lot you will be sneezing and coughing all over your home and continuously watery eyes.

You may be able to live with a Cane Corso if their presence and fur do not bother you too much. It is important to take good care of their fur however.

How To Reduce The Impact Of Danders

So the question now switches from Are Cane Corsos hypoallergenic? to How can I reduce the impact of danders? By grooming properly you can control the spread of hair and allergens at the same time.

Brush them often

As a first and simplest tip brush your dogs coat regularly to catch most of the hair with the brush itself and keep it away from your furniture.

To avoid allergic reactions as much as possible groom your dog outside so stray hairs do not end up in your home.

In general the less hair there is the fewer potential health issues there will be.

However its not just about catching the hair at the right time. In the body natural oils are secreted as a result of regular brushing.

Similar to the oils in our skin these oils keep our bodies moisturized reducing the production of dander.

Additionally brushing reduces the health risks associated with dry skin flakes lingering in the air.

Get the right brush

It does not matter what brush you use though. Although their hair gets thicker during the winter Cane Corsos have relatively short coats.

Slicker brushes are the best choice for that reason. While still getting rid of all the loose shed hair it would not agitate your dogs skin as much as a coarse brush would.

There will be a lot less scratching on your dogs part and he will be less likely to spread the allergen.

Use the proper technique

A good grooming technique is more important than the brush itself or the frequency of grooming.

You should brush a short coat in the direction in which the hair grows.

Despite its effectiveness brushing against the coat can irritate the dogs skin which leads to scratching and increased dander production.

Your dogs comfort is as important as minimizing allergy risks. Otherwise you’d be better off without one.

Even though we promote the friendship between small and large dogs and their owners the truth is that pets are a big responsibility especially big dogs who require a large amount of space.

There are sacrifices to be made by dog lovers and they must meet the dogs needs as well as their own.

Baths are important

It is important to brush your dog regularly but bathing your dog regularly is just as important to keep the hair and dead skin from irritating allergic individuals.

You and your dog will both benefit in the long run if you choose a shampoo that suits them.

While your big Pitbull will enjoy being clean and scratching a lot less you’ll enjoy breathing easier in a more pleasant-smelling home.

Using good shampoos will also stimulate the production of natural oils by the body so that dry skin flakes are kept out of the air and washed away by the suds.

The best food for the best dog

The health of your skin isnot just determined by the hygiene. There is also a big role played by diet.

It is possible to keep your dogs coat shiny and his skin healthy at the same time with the right food regimen. Theres no point in filling dog food cans with buzzwords just for the sake of showing off.

There is no one diet that fits every dog so we recommend consulting your veterinarian pet nutritionist or any other qualified professional.

Their meal plans are designed to minimize the spread of allergens and optimize your dogs health.

In most cases cheap dog food would not do so you may have to increase the family dogs food budget in order to get him some high-quality meals.

As a result all these little things add up and are worthwhile for both parties in the long run.

Omega-3 oils and fatty acids are the standard supplements recommended for large breed dogs like the Cane Corso.

Keeping your dog healthy and cozy while keeping the rest of the family healthy is possible with the help of foods containing these nutrients.

How to Care for a Cane Corso’s Fur

When it comes to taking care of a Cane Corso you should know that they shed intensely during the summer. The reason for this is that they are losing their winter coats. Cane Corso dogs have two types of fur: an overcoat and an undercoat. The dog is not hypoallergenic because of this reason. A dog with two coats produces a lot of dander and attracts more pollen and dirt than a dog with one coat.

Cane Corso owners should brush their dogs’ fur at least once or twice a day. To catch the fur that comes off during brushing you need a brush with a lot of thistles. The Cane Corso sheds a lot so do not be surprised if you have to clean the dog brush after every grooming session.

It is important to bathe the Cane Corso at least twice a week. In spite of the fact that they do not go outside they are still big dogs that produce sweat and dander. Furthermore frequent bathing can make it easier for someone with light allergies to tolerate the dog.

Common reasons people experience allergic reactions to Cane Corsos:

Their short pointy hair:

Cane Corso’s hair is stiff and pointy it can pierce through the top layers of our soft skin. Whenever something pierces our skin we can experience rashes itches and irritations. Despite not being allergic I used to walk barefoot around my house quite a bit and a couple of times I found Corsos hair beneath my top layer of skin.

Brought something from outside

Cane Corsos are playful love to explore and sometimes they roll around in all kinds of stuff. When you pet your dog and feel an instant irritation on your hands your dog probably rolled or brushed against poison ivy poison oak sumac or any other allergenic plant. Considering their hair can pierce your soft skin you may have an unpleasant reaction.

The Cane Corso is generally easy on allergies in terms of irritation. Their coats are clean and they do not shed as much as many other breeds do. No matter what breed of dog you choose if you are allergic you will experience the symptoms.

Alternative Dogs That Are Hypoallergenic

Dogs like the Cane Corso are not hypoallergenic but many other large dogs do not trigger allergies.

  • The Giant Schnauzer resembles an English gentleman in canine form. There is a long black mustache and very short hair on it
  • A favorite among old rich ladies the Afghan Hound Dash is a beautiful dog that lives a long time
  • There is nothing better than an Airedale Terrier for an active person who enjoys spending time outdoors. Camping and hunting trips with these dogs are a lot of fun.


  • Although Cane Corso dogs have short hair they are not hypoallergenic.
  • People who suffer from severe allergies should not be around them because they produce dander
  • Cane Corsos may be suitable pets for people with light allergies or seasonal allergies
  • Despite having very short hair this dog sheds a lot.
  • To prevent their fur from getting on furniture and blankets they must be brushed at least once or twice a day
  • It is possible to reduce the amount of dander on this dogs fur by bathing it regularly
  • Aside from the Cane Corso there are several other hypoallergenic breeds

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