Allergic Reaction To Seresto Collar

In this research you will know the answer to the query “Allergic Reaction To Seresto Collar“.

Donot hesitate to remove the Seresto collar you just bought if your dog shows all the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Even if a veterinarian recommended this type of collar and its manufacturers claim its perfectly safe for pets there have been too many incidents involving these products to ignore the risks.

In addition the pesticides in Seresto collars can also be harmful to humans.

We will examine the chemicals in Seresto collars in this research along with the symptoms of an allergic reaction that you should be aware of.

We will also tell you what you need to do if your pet has a reaction to the collar. 

What are Seresto collars?

The Seresto collars were introduced in 2012 and quickly gained popularity for their ability to protect against fleas and ticks.

As well they are said to have a slow-release mechanism so that the protection they provide lasts up to 8 months.

Seresto collars were developed by Bayer and are sold in the US by Elanco. 

Many pet owners prefer flea collars because they are convenient and have been around for decades.

Monthly application of topical products is necessary.

Pills work the same way.

It can be quite a hassle whereas collars are quite simple.

Once you put a flea collar on your dog you do not have to worry about a thing for a long time.

Seresto collars offer 8-month flea prevention so they are ideal for the warm months when cats and dogs are more likely to contract fleas.

What are the active ingredients in Seresto collars?

The Seresto collars were marketed as a major innovation because they contain two active ingredients imidacloprid and flu permethrin which are both pesticides.

The neonicotinoid insecticide imidacloprid kills fleas by attacking their nervous system.

This pyrethroid repels and kills ticks and belongs to the pyrethroid class.  

It is known that flu methrin can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions as well as in humans and pets. At least for now the EPA maintains that Seresto collars are safe and the problems observed are not of concern. 

Pesticides in the Seresto collar are supposed to become trapped in the dogs skins oils and oil glands with little to no absorption through the skin. 

Its odd that when you look at Amazons product description at the top of the page they only list Imidacloprid under Ingredients. Flumethrin is only mentioned at the bottom of the page in the FAQ section if you bother to scroll down. You’re on your own if you do not.

When you read the reviews you’ll find that many customers complain that their pets suffered an allergic reaction to the Seresto collar. 

Allergic reaction to Seresto collars in dogs by the numbers

The numbers are staggering if you look at them. In a powerful March 2021 research on Seresto collars USA Today reported that the EPA received more than 75000 reports of incidents related to Seresto collars between 2012 and 2020. For the same period close to 1700 pet deaths were reported

At this point there is no official confirmation that Seresto collars caused thousands of pets to die. All incidents were reported by pet owners. In any case thats what the authorities say.

As an alternative if you look at the USA Today research mentioned above you’ll find the tragic story of one American woman who watched her dog collapse and dies after putting a Seresto collar on him. 

Similarly handling Seresto collars can have adverse effects on humans. According to the EPA hundreds of incidents of harmful reactions have been reported but because the incidents were self-reported there is no scientific value in them. 

What are the side effects of the Seresto collar? 

Despite the claims of the manufacturers Seresto collars are considered safe yet experts concede theres no way to determine whether your pet will react to such a collar until you try it. Here are some signs you should be watching out for: 

  • Skin irritation or redness on the neck
  • neck as well as hair loss where the collar rests
  • Appetite decreased
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Behavior changes such as excessive scratching at the collar or restlessness

After placing the collar on the dog you might notice these symptoms within a few hours or days. A collar on a dogs neck may cause some of them through simple mechanical action. Redness or hair loss can result from the collar rubbing against the fur. Furthermore the dog might be bothered by the collar being too tight or feeling unfamiliar and this is why he scratches at it like that.

Alternatively you can not ignore the possibility that hes having an allergic reaction.

What are the symptoms of allergic reactions in dogs?

In the same way as humans dogs can also be allergic to foods household chemicals or even fleas. 

In addition to the side effects listed above there are other symptoms that might indicate an adverse reaction to the Seresto collar. Some of them include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing/sneezing/wheezing
  • Respiratory distress
  • Hives 
  • Lethargic 

How to treat allergies in dogs?

If the dog exhibits any signs of an allergic reaction you should remove the Seresto collar immediately. Depending on how severe the symptoms are you will need to take further action.

If your dog has skin irritation at the collar site you can give your dog a soothing bath with a hypoallergenic shampoo. This should remove any residue left behind by the chemicals. An oatmeal and aloe vera paste can help soothe itchiness. In the bathtub the water should be tepid and the dog should soak for at least five minutes.

Wait for the irritation to subside and pat him dry with a towel.

If however the dog has a really bad reaction and is experiencing respiratory distress it would not be possible to bathe him. Remove the collar and seek immediate medical attention. Oxygen may be required if the dog cannot breathe. Veterinarians typically prescribe an antihistamine and a topical ointment to control allergies. 

Can humans be allergic to Seresto collars?

As previously mentioned the EPA received hundreds of complaints concerning allergic reactions in humans. It is recommended that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching the collar of a dog. As well the product comes with a warning that children should not touch the collar. Once your dog wears a Seresto collar you should avoid allowing him to share your bed.

Based on these warnings it appears they are fully aware that the pesticides in the dogs collar may cause a skin reaction if not an actual allergic reaction.

Are Seresto collars dangerous?

No if you ask the manufacturers or the EPA. Some dogs as well as humans are more sensitive to certain chemical compounds which accounts for the allergic reactions reported. Some people warn however that Seresto poses some serious health risks. 

The Environmental Protection Agency appears to be turning a blind eye to the issue. After seven years of an increasing number of incidents they are saying that they are continuing to monitor the situation. Karen McCormack a retired EPA employee who has worked as a scientist and a communications officer was quoted by USA Today as saying “This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.” 

It can sometimes take years for authorities to act on complaints regarding drugs for human or pet consumption as we have seen with many other drugs. 

Is there a Seresto collar recall? 

Seresto collars are popular with pet owners who want to know if there is a recall on them. It may just be a matter of time before they do so judging by the numbers.

In response to USA Todays investigative report on Seresto collars on March 17 Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi chairman of the subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy contacted the company that sells Seresto collars. The letter she sent to Elanco asked the company to recall the product and issue full refunds to customers. A similar letter was sent to Bayer with the request that they release information regarding the toxicity of the product. 

In addition two pet owners in the US filed a class-action lawsuit against Elanco alleging that their pets died or suffered terrible reactions after wearing Seresto collars.  


Seresto collars are advertised as offering 8 months of protection against fleas and ticks but the price is high. Two pesticides are contained in the collars which can cause dogs to become allergic. To date the EPA has received thousands of complaints regarding allergic reactions as well as the deaths of 1700 pets but no action has been taken. 

Ultimately it is up to each pet parent to decide what they want to do – continue to believe the official line or act now. After all there are other options for flea protection for dogs. While none of them are without risks other products on the market are less controversial. 

You should consult your veterinarian if your dog experienced skin irritations or hair loss while wearing a Seresto collar. Your veterinarian may be able to recommend an alternative flea control method. 

If the EPA does not issue a recall thats okay but why take a risk with your dogs health when other options exist? 

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